Dedicated to Service: Locally, Regionally, and Internationally

Because of our commitment to “service above self”, there are several opportunities for you to help the local and world communities. We serve the local community with fundraising, brat sales, and community beautification projects. We completed the evergreen trail picnic shelter.

The Thief River Falls Rotary club raised $15,000 for the purchase and installation of the hardwood basketball court in the Huck Olson community arena. This floor is vital to the community by having the ability to host basketball tournaments. This club raised funds and gave the proceeds to the organization that maintains the civic arena. Without the financial contribution of the Thief River Falls Rotary club, this initiative could have taken multiple years to come to fruition. This example of “service above self” is one of a local nature.

The Thief River Falls Rotary Club also serves the international community. This might sound strange to you, but people around the globe need footwear. In the United States, an average female adult purchases a new pair of shoes every three weeks. In developing countries, shoes are a luxury item. In some areas, people are suffering from a form of bacteria that inflicts pain to the foot, ankle, and calf regions of the legs because they do not wear shoes. This debilitating infliction can be avoided by wearing shoes; again this is a luxury item.

The Thief River Falls Rotary Club accepted donations of used shoes. These shoes were shipped to developing countries for distribution. The recipients of these shoes can avert a debilitating condition; simply wearing shoes avoids contact with the bacteria that lives in the dirt. This is just one example of international service Rotary is dedicated to providing.

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