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“Welcome to Week TWO of RI’s Month of Fellowships.

Rotary International’s fourth Programs of Scale grant will support members’ work with Indian farmers who have been affected by climate change. Barry Rassin, chair of The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees, announced the US$2 million grant at the 2024 Rotary International Convention in Singapore. The program, Partners for Water Access and Better Harvests in India, will aim to increase groundwater tables, extend cultivation areas, and raise the incomes of about 60,000 farmers by 25% to 30%. “Farmers in India are responsible for producing much of the world’s wheat, rice, and other food staples. But the groundwater these farmers depend on is vanishing. Climate change is making rainfall more erratic, which leads to drought,” Rassin said. “We are working with Indian farmers on a five-year program to plant the seeds for sustainable farming in India for generations to come.”

The Rotary Foundation has awarded Programs of Scale grants to evidence-based, sustainable, and successful programs that target at least one of Rotary’s areas of focus and can be expanded to create far-reaching change. The programs are sponsored by Rotary members in collaboration with local communities and partners that offer additional expertise and support. The other finalist this year is One Million Healthy Mothers and Newborns. This Ugandan initiative aims to reduce maternal deaths by 35% and newborn deaths by 35% in at least 200 public health centers.” – Submitted by: Christopher W Knapp, District 6000 Foundation Chair
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Why Rotary?
“The focus of service to others has been the focal point of Rotary during my short membership. There is a priority in all activities of children and community. I appreciate the ability to network with our community leaders in a manner that is so impactful. It has been a productive and positive experience!” – Dr. Christopher E. Mills
Superintendent of Schools
Thief River Falls Public Schools

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Why Rotary?
“I enjoy being in Rotary for the opportunity to socialize with smart, motivated people; to hear and learn from speakers about area events and organizations that I would not otherwise; and to support local and global charitable projects.” – Richard Laager

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“Welcome to Week ONE of RI’s Month of Rotary Fellowships.

No better news this week than one coming from the on-going international conference in Singapore.
The sum of $30m has been set aside by Rotary International in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and World Vision to fight deadliest diseases in four African countries including Nigeria. In a statement distributed in Nigeria by Ibim Semenitari (communications unit of Rotary) with the endorsement of Claudia Brunner (Rotary International), Nicole Harris of World Vision, and Gates Foundation leadership, it was disclosed that the USD$30 million program is to tackle ‘Rotary Healthy Communities Challenge’ and strengthen health systems and tackle leading childhood killers named as malaria, pneumonia, and diarrheal diseases.

The focus countries, according to the statement include the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mozambique, Nigeria, and Zambia. Over the next three years, the Rotary Foundation, World Vision, and the Gates Foundation will collectively contribute US$30 million to fund large-scale, high-impact programming, with local leadership and organizations to improve health outcomes for children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mozambique, Nigeria, and Zambia.

“Investing in community health workers is one of the best things we can do to bolster the fight against malaria and other preventable diseases,” said Philip Welkhoff, Director of Malaria at the Gates Foundation. “We are proud to build on our partnership with Rotary and World Vision and are confident this new initiative will help ensure that children in these four countries have the opportunity to grow up healthy and reach their full potential.”
Over the last 100 years, US $5.5 billion has been awarded through The Rotary Foundation.” – Submitted by: Christopher W Knapp, District 6000 Foundation Chair

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Brian Carlson will be hosting our guest speaker, Miranda Solem, Sanford Director of Behavioral Health Services at our 6/4/24 Rotary meeting at noon at the Legion in TRF.

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Thank you Hunter Bradley for hosting Karen Good – Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue at our Rotary meeting on Tuesday!

It was fascinating to learn about the work they do and how many animals they help each year.

Did you know they have 13,948 total rescued and rehomed animals through 2023, 8,461 total spayed or neutered community animals through 2023? That’s a big impact.

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Thank you to the Lincoln High School students who we sponsored to go to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) for coming back to tell us about your experience! She enjoyed RYLA so much that she applied and was accepted to be a mentor at the next camp.

Plus, thank you to this month’s Student Rotarian for visiting us the past few weeks and keeping us updated on all things Lincoln High School activity related.

We are proud of what you both have accomplished and will accomplish moving forward.

We appreciate your time and are always excited to serve the youth in our community the best we can.

What is RYLA? Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an intensive leadership experience organized by Rotary clubs and districts where you develop your skills as a leader while having fun and making connections.

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Thank you Tim Benedict for hosting our guest today, Dave Odette who gave a great update on what’s going on at the St. Bernards church/school.

Come back again soon Dave. We always enjoy guests and new Rotarians to help us make a bigger impact in the community.


“Welcome to Week TWO of RI’s Month of Youth Activities.

It’s the middle of May and very soon children in K-12 schools will be taking time off for the long-awaited summer holiday. Some lucky ones will go on vacation with their family members and loved ones; some will end up in camps and yet others will find themselves seated behind long benches at city parks for donated lunch bags provided by charitable organizations like Rotary International. The Minute this week, by Brad Webber, is culled from the current Rotary Magazine (May 2024) and is a testimony to how Rotary, through its Foundation, improves the lifestyle of all people, especially the underserved in poor communities of the world. According to the report, “a community kitchen built by the Rotary Club of Nuevo Santander at a local school is ensuring hundreds of children have meals in low-income neighborhoods of Nuevo Laredo, a city on the U.S. border. “Most of the houses in this area do not have running water or electricity,” says Club President Jorge Tello. The club launched the $150,000 project in 2018, and the kitchen at the Comedor Santa María school began operating in August 2020; meals were first served to-go due to the COVID-19 pandemic before the dining room opened in May 2021. “Operation costs for providing breakfast and lunch for 230 children every day is $9,300 a month,” Tello says. The funds are donated by businesses and individuals. Club members supervise the operation, and Rotarians are providing solar panels to the facility.”

Comedor Santa Maria School served more than 30,000 meals in 2023.” – Submitted by: Christopher W Knapp, District 6000 Foundation Chair

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Happy Belated Birthday to Us!

On, Saturday May 11th the Thief River Falls Rotary club celebrated our 99th year.

Just imagine that for a moment…. 99 years ago, some men decided that Rotary sounded like a good club to start locally. Now 99 years later… we are grateful for all the lives we have been able to positively impact and look forward to the ones we can serve in the future.

We are proud of the members that came before us and are excited to meet the new ones who join in the future.

Thank you to each and every one of our current Rotarians and the community as a whole for making Rotary a great club for Thief River Falls.

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