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Why Rotary?

“I was with Soo Select Credit Union for years prior to our merger with Wings Financial Credit Union in 2018. With Soo Select, I did nothing with or for the #community. When I say nothing, I mean nothing. We didn’t participate in any clubs, organizations, events, fundraisers, nothing.

When Wings Credit Union took over, they were a very Community focused organization. So honestly, I was told I was joining Rotary. I had no idea what Rotary was, what they did locally or internationally. I hadn’t even heard of them before. 

That first meeting was so intimidating, but I realized there were people in that room that I already knew. Everyone was inviting and walked me through step by step how things worked. 

Over time I have developed #relationships with fellow Rotarians that I wouldn’t have had without this club.  These relationships kick started my entire community involvement which filled something that had been missing in my life. I do tend to stretch myself to thin sometimes, but I love it and wouldn’t change a thing. 

Four years later, I am the previous club president. This has been both challenging and #rewarding at the same time. Rotary does so much for and with the community children. Anything for the children, I am all in.” – Rhonda Stucy, Branch Manager of Wings Financial and previous President of the TRF Rotary Chapter.

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“Why Am I a Rotarian?

As a new transplant to Thief River Falls 14 years ago, I decided to join a social/philanthropic club in an attempt to “plug in” to the #community. Little did I know #Rotary would become a great source of #comradery for me. Some of my strongest #friendships outside the club got their start because of my membership in Rotary. When I first moved here it was explained to me that Thief River is a town large enough that when you go out, you won’t know everyone, but small enough that you will probably run into someone you do know. I think joining Rotary has made the community feel closer knit to me and makes that statement ring true. In addition, if I ever have a problem or need to seek information only “locals” would know, I know that I can turn to my network of friends that is the Rotary Club. And in turn I am happy to do so when I can be of help to others! This “service” naturally extends itself to the community at-large and I am grateful to have a larger platform – through Rotary – to help others in the community.” -Joe Hedrick, Airport Manager
#ServiceAboveSelf #TRF