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We are grateful for our local and International female Rotarians and leaders plus enjoy the opportunity to support them!

In fact, our current president is a woman (Rhonda Stucy – Wings Financial Credit Union) and we appreciate her leadership!

“Rotary members work with local entrepreneurs and community leaders, particularly women, to strengthen local economies and reduce poverty. On this International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating women around the world who are achieving economic independence and helping their communities thrive.

Economic development projects led by Rotary members connect people with tools and education that create opportunities. These projects include:

Ecotourism Economic Development Project
Ten electric rickshaws and the training to use them that now provide a regular source of income for women in Kollam, India. The women and their families enjoy not only the higher income but a better quality of life.
Vocational training in hairdressing and other salon services for people in Jeonju, Korea. Some participants in the training are now earning an income for their work.
Production equipment and training in business skills for 50 female farmers in Menya Governorate, Egypt, to form a community kitchen and food businesses. Their packaged foods will be sold at a local market.

Donations to The Rotary Foundation fund global grants for life-changing projects like these that empower women with sustainable ways to earn a living and support their families. When Rotary members like you contribute, you’re actively investing in brighter futures for communities near home and around the world.

Won’t you join us in supporting economic progress for women?

The Rotary Foundation”

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